MTS Technical Committee

The MTS Ropes and Tension Members Committee is a technical committee of the Marine Technology Society. The stated purpose of the Ropes and Tension Members Committee is To discuss and publish information relative to load carrying tension members such as synthetic and natural fiber ropes, wire ropes, chains, protrusions, tension legs, and associated connectors and terminations, including design analysis, performance and failure investigations, field experiences, and new materials, forms, and techniques. Fiber ropes, wire ropes and chains are examples of flexible tension members of interest. Interest extends to other forms of flexible tension members such as umbilical cords and cargo hoses.

Although part of the Marine Technology Society, the interests of the committee go beyond just the marine industry and encompass all rope and tension members, including: Rope Materials and Rope Making, Design, Analysis, Computation, Testing, Inspection and Retirement Criteria, Marine, Naval, Offshore, Mountain and Fire Safety and Rescue, Construction, Utility, Maintenance, Military, Aviation, Space, Agriculture, Forestry and Recreation.

Approximately 40 people now belong to the Ropes and Members Committee. To become a member, you must be a member of the Marine Technology Society and then designate your interest in the Ropes and Tension Members Committee.